About Us

code-in-motion provides standard equipment and custom integrated solutions for a wide range of manufacturing needs across many industries. Our network of Certified Distributors extends and supports these solutions across the country.
From straightforward to highly demanding, engineering intensive applications we continually focus on Customer Satisfaction. We design, manufacture, develop and support high-performance, quality systems from standard offerings to custom integrated turnkey solutions. Solutions can also be viewed in our Video section.

Vision Inspection & Verification
VERSAPPLY® Labeling Equipment
Product Identification
Packaging & Integrated Systems
Controls Systems
Manufacturing Software
System Validation and Installation Services
Independent Evaluation Services

Our Design Staff has exceptional engineering and industry experience. We assemble our systems in-house and our internal machining capabilities include CNC Machine Tools with CAD/CAM capabilities. Our support services are exceptional and highly responsive to customer requests.

We serve a variety of industries including:

Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices
Food & Beverage
Consumer Products
Houshold Goods
Contract Packaging

Whether it is a straightforward or specialized project, we consistently achieve high customer satiusfaction and establish long-term business relationships.

With remarkable steady growth over the past several years we have considerably increased in size, acquired new lines of production machinery, and moved into a substantially larger facility.

These successes are a tribute to our interest in long term relationships and serve to deepen the resources and services we offer.