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Meeting Global Traceability Standards

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A Proven Solution for All Track & Trace Needs

Vision Inspection powered by Cognex

Serialization - Product to Packaging Levels

Automatic Label Apply to Products & Cases

Complete Inspection & Process Data Recording

21 CFR Part 11 Validation Ready

code-in-motion's cimSOFT Total Track & Trace Solution Set is based on Cognex Vision Systems and provides a complete identification and data verification solution for serialized labels on pharmaceutical and medical device packaging.

for Serialization

Verifies All Data for Accuracy

Seamless Integration

Automatic Data Collection

Integration with ERP System

Cognex In-Sight
Systems Foundation

Reads 2D & 1D Barcodes

Verifies Correct ID Contents

Compliance with the GS1 standard

Detection of print quality & misalignment

Pick & Choose

Vision Inspection: Product ID & Quality

Standalone Label Printing & Inspection

Laser Marking

Easy-to-Use Touch Screen Interface

Inspect, Collect & Integrate

The GS1 Global Healthcare User Group "strongly recommends investing in camera-based" systems for automatic identification and compliance with the coming global traceability standards:

All label data must be verified for accuracy

Seamless Integration with existing production equipment & systems is essential

Automatic Data Collection and integration with ERP systems can streamline operations, reduce data entry errors and support quality improvement efforts