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code-in-motion EXCLUSIVE: 360 Degree Product Inspection and Verification

Non Contact Inspection | Fast & Accurate | No Complex Handling |

Built upon proven Cognex Machine Vision Technology, CIMview360 completely eliminates the complex and expensive requirement to mechanically spin parts to inspect them. Production line complexity is decreased, costs are lowered and production speeds increased.

CIMview360 performs extensive product quality checks and facilitates traceability on cylindrical products across industries including Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Food and Beverage.

Brand image, product quality, productivity and quality control all benefit from this customizable product inspection system.

What's on your label?™

Verifies Printed Text
Inspects Barcodes
Ensures Print Quality
Reads 1D and 2D Barcodes

Liability concerns?

Verifies Variable Data: Lot, Exp.Date
Verifies Preprinted Data
ERP Access - User Barcode Scans
Barcode Traceability & Serialization

Got defective items?

Detects Damaged Products
Checks for Bottle Integrity
Measures Dimensions
High Speed up to 1200 ppm