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Cognex® Products As the world’s leading provider of vision devices, vision systems, and vision software, Cognex Corporation has positioned itself as the world’s most successful vision company. Based on its successful past vision integration experiences, code-in-motion, a Partner System Integrator of Cognex vision products, offers and recommends the following:


Checker® Datasheet

Checker® 200 series inspection sensors offer simple and affordable solutions for part detection, part inspection, and high-speed triggering applications.
Breakthrough technology allows Checker to detect features more reliably than photoelectrics.
A single Checker handles applications that normally would require multiple photoelectrics. The Checker 200 is an all-in-one vision sensor with built-in lighting and a variable working distance, capable of inspecting over 6,000 parts per minute — all in a package small enough to fit into tight spaces. The Checker 200 Series vision sensors have once again redefined their class. They pack a host of new advantages into a small size.
Inspects features that other sensors cannot.
Reliable part detection
High speed detection up to 6000 parts per min
Detects and inspects the part over a wide area overcoming the need for precise part handling
Understands what your part looks like
Overcomes varying part positions; capable of tracking all parts without requiring precise part handling.

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