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Cognex® Products As the world’s leading provider of vision devices, vision systems, and vision software, Cognex Corporation has positioned itself as the world’s most successful vision company. Based on its successful past vision integration experiences, code-in-motion, a Partner System Integrator of Cognex vision products, offers and recommends the following:

DVT® Sensors

DVT® Datasheet

The Cognex DVT family of vision sensors are low cost, full-featured vision sensors in an economical package, providing the best price/performance value in the industry. The series includes models designed for conventional, low-cost applications, as well as models for line-scan and color applications. First time users will appreciate how the highly-intuitive Intellect™ software gets applications up and running quickly. All models have built-in Ethernet connectivity for easy integration into the factory network.
Lowest cost Cognex vision systems
User-friendly Intellect software with Windows look and feel
Full range of vision tools for inspection, measurement, code reading, and object location
Unmatched vision system performance for color and line scan applications
Built-in Ethernet connectivity for easy integration into the factory network

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